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1* Michelin


The concept

Shirt cuff Cuisine

Atempo offers us a new gastronomic format merging the waiter's trade with the passion and creativity of the chefs. An offer based on products with soul, in an intimate and cozy setting.


The Atempo


led by Iñaki Aldrey, the Atempo team brings chef Jordi Cruz’ concept to life


Having first trained as a chef in the I.E.S Fraga do Eume school in Ferrol, before working in Paradores and A Gabeira, Iñaki joined the ABaC restaurant as a stage in April 2011.

After a successful training period, Jordi Cruz decided to add him to the ABaC staff, where he worked until May 2016, when he took on the chef’s role in the Ten’s Tapas Restaurant. 

He led the opening of Atempo in La Fortalesa de Sant Julià de Ramis, and after relocating to Barcelona, Jordi Cruz again chose Iñaki Adrey to lead and manage the team on this ambitious project.



Xenia has dedicated herself long-term to the Barcelona hospitality industry, with a professional period in 5-star luxury hotels in Dubai. This allowed her to expand her horizons in the service industry and her knowledge of high-end restaurants. In 2021 she completed her Diploma in Tourism focusing on sommelier studies, specialising in wines.

Her strong work ethic and professionalism have taken her from her beginnings at ABaC Restaurant to consolidate her career with the ABaC Group, first as lead hostess, then as second maître d’ and currently as maître d’. She leads the Atempo restaurant team with passion and devotion, to offer diners the best possible experience. 



A 2009 sommelier graduate from Escuela Superior de Hostelería in Barcelona, his relationship in the catering sector began in 2000 when he took on the role of front-of-house manager for the Mokambo restaurant in the capital of his birth country, Venezuela.

After 4 years and once the group had opened a second restaurant, he decided to emigrate to New York to further his experience at the recently opened Spice Market restaurant, run by the chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

His passion and curiosity for wines brought him to Barcelona to train as a sommelier in 2006 before he went on to work in restaurants such as Lasarte in Donostia, and Saüc, Bravo24, Llamber, and Fismuler in Barcelona.

He now runs the Atempo wine cellar, ensuring our diners’ enjoyment with a carefully chosen selection of national and international wines.


The name Atempo comes from the Spanish word atemporal, which perfectly defines the timelessness of our cuisine.

The space


Natural inspiration design

The same walls that savored the delicious snails of Gargantua i Pantagruel or the exquisite cannelloni of Carles Gaig, are home to Jordi Cruz's new creative proposal.

For the occasion, the walls have been dressed in white, like a canvas for a painting of natural landscapes. Wood, vegetation and cotton thread lend freshness and elegance to this cozy setting.

Welcome to Atempo.


Wine celler

From vitis vinifera sylvestris to the present day: history, culture, gastronomy ... 20,000 years of winemaking simply didn’t happen by accident. The natural elements of wind, soil, water, as well as fire, all have a close relationship with vines. This fermented grape juice is highlighted by textures, aromas, and organoleptic sensations.

This foodstuff has been developing since Neolithic times, via ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, classical Greece, the Roman Empire, and the Middle Ages, right up to the present day, becoming both distinguished and disruptive, cherished and reviled, a form of currency for both traders and vendors, an elixir and source of inspiration for many, and of course, an inseparable companion for every type of occasion.

Our wines come from many sources, but the Atempo wine cellar mainly targets the proximity of Spanish and French wines. Focusing on “petit vigneron”/”petits producteurs” from local D.O. areas in the pursuit of more sustainable oenology.

"Knowledge does not explain emotions. They are rather stimuli, moments for consultation, which should conclude in knowledge".

- John Dewey –


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